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Argentine Dogo: Orso Bianco dog breeding
by Gabriele Angelucci

:: Orso Bianco dog breeding

The Argentine Dogo is a tough and fighting friend, but at the same time very sweet and loyal with the family and the kids. You can easily fall in love with it.
dogo in allevamentoFrom here starts our passion for breeding the Argentine Dogo in the Aniene Valley.
Thanks to the continuous relationship with Argentine breeders, especially with Juan Carlos Valenti (de la Herencia Breeding), and to the import of carefully selected elements, we can boast a range of champions and of wonderful puppies.
In our website you can find information about the contests we won in the past,as well as the pedigrees of our Argentine Dogos, and some videos about our dogs.

If you want to better know their history you can read the History of the Dogo, the rules of the standard, or the dogo as a guard dog, and also what does the pedigree means.

If you want to come to visit us and find the puppy that best suits you come here.

If you have questions, we are happy to answer.

:: Dogo Puppies

  • Dogo Puppies
  • Dogo Champions
Dogo Puppies
Dogo Champions
Dogo Puppies
Dogo Puppies
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Inca de la Herencia
Vulcano de la Herencia
Apache de la Herencia
Aymara de la Herencia
Estrella II de la Herencia
Aymara de la Herencia
Estrella II de la Herencia
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Come visit us at our breeding and you’ll fall in love with our puppies, strong yet sweet and playful, and faithful to kids. Our wonderful puppies are the sons of the best champions, like Vulcano del la Herencia, Aluvion de la Herencia, and so on.

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:: Dogo Champions

In our breeding you can find some of the greatest champions like Aluvion and Vulcano de la Herencia.

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Allevemento Amatoriale Dogo Argentino dell'Orso Bianco
di Gabriele Angelucci
Vicovaro (Roma) - Via San Vito, 87

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